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Building out a believable character IRL is crucial for any performer – be it for auditions or the stage. After all, one of our primary goals as singers is to effectively communicate a story to our audience.


How can we develop your character and bring those personality vibes into your singing? While maintaining your teacher’s safe and healthy vocal technique, natch. I love taking a deep-dive into the specifics of vocal characters, from art song to Broadway to operatic archetypes. What are the subtle historical nuances the composer or writer imbues into the character you’re portraying? Are there any original story materials to research? What does the scene you are in smell, taste, feel, sound like? What musical tools does the composer use to create an atmosphere for your character? What is your character’s zodiac/Enneagram/Myers-Briggs (seriously)?


Through creative brainstorming and collaborative research, let’s create a full human experience together, putting all of your hard work into a full-bodied and full-throated performance. 

Character Development 

for Singers

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